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Frommer's - Best East Side Beach

Frommer's - Best East Side Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
From The Best Beaches in Kauai at Frommer's:
"Kalapaki is the best beach not only in Lihue but also on the entire east coast. Any town would pay a fortune to have a beach like Kalapaki, one of Kauai's best, in its backyard. But little Lihue turns its back on Kalapaki; there's not even a sign pointing the way through the labyrinth of traffic to this graceful half moon of golden sand at the foot of the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club. Fifty yards wide and a quarter mile long, Kalapaki is protected by a jetty, making it very safe for swimmers. The waves are good for surfing when there's a winter swell, and the view from the sand -- of the steepled, 2,200-foot peaks of the majestic Haupu Ridge that shield Nawiliwili Bay -- is awesome."